Lets talk about the value of your home inspection and inspector… On Occasion we have potential clients reach out and their first question is, “how much does it cost for the inspection of XYZ property?” Now, I believe in customer service and transparency. So, I ask a few questions, determine the cost for the property they are inquiring about and give them the cost of our services. Many times these inquires end in something like this… “Thanks, ill have to discuss it with my spouse and get back to you” and this usually ends with us never hearing back from them. Now we know we are NOT the cheapest inspection company out there and we are A-OKAY with that! Why? Because we know our worth and the value we offer to our clients.

What does it really mean when we say our “worth” and the “value” we offer? Well… Did you know that the state of Wisconsin standards for home inspection as an example include  “A home inspector shall operate all entryway doors, garage doors, and at least one window per side of a dwelling unit.” Do you want your home inspector to operate only 4 of the 20 windows in your potential new home? Windows can be a large expense if they need to be replaced, do you want to know before you buy the house or after? This is just one example of a minimum inspection standard.

We at Tier1 Home Inspections LLC are NOT MINIMAL inspectors! We strive to offer the most thorough, relevant, educational and valuable inspection we possibly can! We are experienced and continuously furthering our continuing education while looking for more ways to provide improved service and value to our clients. We can confidently say that ALL inspections we have performed and received follow-up on have more than paid for themselves and exceeded the cost of our services. What do I mean? Let me provide a couple examples which are simply a snapshot of the return on investment our former clients have seen.

Case 1- Our inspection of a large single family residence identified deficiencies in the roof amongst other internal components of the home. After closing, the buyer contacted us and was elated. Why? Because he stated that using our inspection findings he was able to re-negotiate the cost of the house down $25,000!

Case 2- Our inspection revealed failed drain tiles with associated foundation concerns. Both the buyers and the realtor admitted they had not noticed these issues prior to writing the offer on the home. The repair bill? In excess of $10,000! They were able to successfully negotiate for the work that was required. Return on investment? 2000%!!! Find me somewhere you can invest $500 and turn it into $10,000 in a week (yes you might hit the golden goose in the stock market but it is rare).

Like we said, those are just a couple examples. I can confidently say the large majority of our past clients have received repairs, credits, or re-negotiated values in excess of the cost of our inspection services.

We liken ourselves as diagnosticians of your future house. Would you shop around for the cheapest doctor to diagnose your medical problems?

YOU have your choice of inspectors, we work for YOU! We simply have your best interests in mind, not anyone else in the transaction. How often do people question the cost of the Appraisal? Now, admittedly I have not had the need for an appraisal in the last 5 years, however when I did it cost me $400. That was $400 I had to spend and for what? It didn’t benefit ME at all, it benefited the BANK underwriting my loan to protect THEM! The inspection is here to protect YOU!

Perhaps you disagree with all our opinions about the value of the service we provide, and that is perfectly okay. However, we hope you understand that we strive to do our very best, provide the best customer service, availability, knowledge, and exemplary service. All our inspections are performed as though we are personally purchasing the home. We are not simply coming to inspect for an hour, get in and out and drop a minimalistic report in your email to collect our fee. After our thorough inspection and detailed report is delivered to you, we stand behind it. We remain available to answer any and all questions you may have if we didn’t have the opportunity to discuss it at the time of the inspection. We tell all our clients, our relationship doesn’t end after the inspection. We are here to support the buying process as much as we can. Take a look at our google reviews provided by our past clients, it speaks to how we believe business should be conducted.

So, the next time you are in need of a home inspection, I implore you to look at the value of the inspection over simply seeking out the least expensive inspector. Remember, this may be one of the largest purchases of your life and the home inspection generally equates to LESS THAN 1/100th of a PERCENT! On average if a home costs $250,000 and the inspection costs $450 that is a cost of 0.0018% of the purchase price to ensure that YOUR investment is protect and most importantly YOUR FAMILY is protected! We do not charge based on purchase price of the home, our fees are built on square footage. We do not nickel and dime upcharges for travel (unless you want us to drive 3 hours like we have done at client requests), age of the structure or predetermined condition of the property. We take the good with the bad and we provide our best service every time for every client!

We are always open to discussing your opinions, answering your questions and helping you on your journey to home ownership. We hope you will select us in the future for your inspection needs!