Spring is in full swing and so far it has been pretty mild! Some tips and things to remember to maintain your home in top notch shape!

First be sure if you didn’t do it in fall that your gutters are free of debris and downspouts are extended 6ft from the foundation. This will help to move water away from the foundation and alleviate the potential for hydrostatic pressure build up on foundation walls causing leaking or foundation movement.

If you have central air conditioning, this is a great time to have a qualified HVAC contractor come out to perform the annual service. Some things you can do yourself are to ensure the outside AC unit is free of debris, overgrowth and anything that may block free air flow around the unit. Additionally, you can make sure the pad it is set on is in good and level condition. Finally, the large copper line outside should be insulated with a foam line set insulation. Make sure this is in good condition as well.

If you have vegetation overgrowth, make sure you cut it back at least 12″ from the structure. This will allow proper air flow to circulate around the exterior structural materials and inhibit moisture damage, rot, and fungal growth on the structure.

Any over hanging trees and limbs should be cut back from the roof line. This will both reduce the possibility of physical damage to the roof from falling or rubbing branches as well as reduce the leaf build up on the roof. When leaves build up and are left of asphalt shingle roof tops, they break down and cause a chemical change that increases the degradation to the roof and reduces the shingle life.

If you have any questions about additional home maintenance needs, feel free to reach out to us with questions or to schedule your home maintenance inspection to properly protect your investment!