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The process of buying a home is widely known to present its fair share of ups and downs. Such a critical decision rarely comes easy, but the fundamental reward of a great investment can make all of the setbacks seem inconsequential. At Tier1 Home Inspections, we offer a comprehensive home inspection that will help you to acquire a consummate knowledge of the home that you’re considering. With our guidance, you’ll reach the height of your potential to make an informed and confident decision about a purchase.


Next-Day Digital Reports Featuring the CRL™

Our easy-to-read digital reports are available by personal login the next day following your inspection. Your report will detail the full scope of the inspection, including attached pictures and video wherever necessary to clarify our findings. For your convenience, we also provide access to the revolutionary Create Request List™(CRL™) feature by HomeGauge. The CRL™ is a powerful digital interface that allows users to itemize lists of project and repair requests directly from their inspection findings. This list can be worked on with your realtor and used to further negotiations with the seller of a home.

Thanking Our Servicemembers and First Responders

We offer a 10% discount on the total cost of inspection fees to members of the United States military, as well as firefighters, police officers, and EMS workers.

Tier1 Home Inspections strives to uplift homebuyers to a position where they can invest confidently. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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Aerial Imaging – Take Your Listing to New Heights!

Aerial Imaging is the latest Real Estate marketing tool that is taking the industry by storm. Aerial photography can showcase a home’s unique landscape or spectacular views. It can also simply be used to show the overview of a property.

Tier1 Home Inspections has the training and equipment necessary to take aerial images of real estate properties for MLS listings. Jason Katz holds an FAA Drone License for flying.

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Tier1 Home Inspections offers top-quality home inspection services to most areas of Southeastern Wisconsin.

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